Wedding church decorations deserve special attention as they are the most traditional form of decorations. The decorations of church should respect the certain rules, should take into consideration the number of guests and the season when the wedding is celebrated. It’s also necessary to remember that the church is a place of worship, that’s why the church decoration calls for minimal décor.
The wedding church decorations usually include altar decorations, pews decorations, church entry decorations.
The church entry can be decorated with the helium balloon arch, flower arch or two tall topiaries. Church pews are the central elements of church decorations and pew decorations can play very important role. For pew decorations flowers, bouquets, bows go well and look nice. Flower compositions at the end of the church pews look great especially if they are matched with the flowers used for bridal bouquet. One more great idea can be to spread down the aisle pastel hued rose petals. The altar is a place where the wedding rite takes place. Flower compositions used for altar decorations should match with the other compositions. The flower compositions can also be used on the balusters, columns, choir zone.
The choice of flowers used for wedding church decorations deserves attention as different flowers can give different impressions to the environment. Lilies and orchids give to the place luxury and elegance, to make the flower compositions less expensive daisies, tulips and carnations can be chosen.
Wedding decorations include the appliance of pearls, beads and crystals to the draping fabric, more over there can be used laces, candles and candelabras, centerpieces.
Whatever type of decorations you would choose every detail should be considered, so it’s better to begin the preparation in advance.



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