Wedding bouquet


Wedding bouquet

Flowers surround the bride all the daylong at the wedding day. Flowers are the biggest part of the decorations, the bridal bouquet is made of flowers, and flowers can create the atmosphere of the day. So the importance of flowers can not be overestimated.

Wedding flowers bouquets

Wedding flowers bouquets

Foto: Wedding flowers bouquets


bouquet 2015 and 2016As the flowers are the main elements of wedding decorations the choice is quite complicated. White, rose, ivory, light yellow are the most popular hues for wedding decorations.

flowers wedding 2015 2016Lilies, calla lilies, roses, lilies of the valley will look great and give the space tenderness. They can be used for indoor decorations and outdoor as well. Pastel hues symbolize the purity and innocence, that’s why these colours are ideal for wedding day. More over, they match the bridal gown.

Flowers Wedding

To emphasize the whiteness of bridal gown it’s great idea to play the contrast using for decorations the flowers of bright colours. The white and bright-coloured contrast will give the splendid effect. Bright hues of the flowers will enrich the room with colours, create the impression of joy and delight. Gerberas and tulips are the best choice of bright hued flowers. When you choose flowers for decorating the place of reception or car of bride and bridegroom it’s important to take into consideration the measure of illumination and the dimensions of decorated room.

One more important rule to follow is to match floral compositions used for the car decorations with the reception place decorations and church decorations, all the flowers used for wedding decorations should have the same style and form with the bridal bouquet



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