Outdoor wedding reception is becoming more and more popular last years. However it’s still an original idea.
The variety of the places for outdoor reception is unlimited. The most popular places are gardens and parks, less popular but no less beautiful are the castles and villas. The last to places can be quite expensive though. The most original variants for wedding ceremony party are the beaches and yachts.
The style of decorations depends on the place, the quantity of guests, the season and the budget. For example the sunshades are necessary on the beaches; tents are great for parks or camps.
Floral decorations give the festive tone to the ceremony. White and ivory flowers serve to enrich the space with the romantic mood. On the contrary bright coloured flowers contribute the joy. In the case if the wedding takes place in the garden or in the park greeneries and plants cannot be out of sight. Decorated with flowers or fruits natural green trees give to the environment freshness! As an alternative to the plants, trees and greenery balloons work well and look really nice. Red, green and orange balloons can decorate tends, gazebos and even the tables. They will be great if the wedding ceremony is modern. For the classical style it’s better to choose white, pastel or silver balloons. To create the helium balloon arch or other figures as the heart is a bright and creative idea!
To solemnize the day and make the decorations more adorable can help the linen accessories – the tablecloths, chair covers shades. Gossamer, organza or tulle give the effect of airiness and lightness!



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