Table of bride and groom, head table, table of guests and cake table – all the tables should be decorated in an appropriate way.

Table decorations

Table decorations
Photo: table decoration 2

How is it possible to decorate all of them to create the complete impression? Here are some advices!

Table decoration 2

Table decorations
Photo: table decoration 2

The table of bride and groom without any doubts deserve special attention as the bride and the groom are the heroes of the occasion.

Table decoration 3

Table decorations
Photo: table decoration 3

The couple can seat at the head table with the closest persons, in this case the chairs of the bride and groom should stand out from the others.

Decoration for wedding in purple

Table decoration for wedding in purple

Table decoration for wedding in purple

Sample 2

Purple wedding decoration

Purple wedding decoration

Samples with flowers

Floral decoration on a wedding Typical German flower decor - Blumengestecke

Generally the rules of decorations are the same for the head table, the table of the couple and tables for guests. All the tables are covered by tablecloths of the colour that match to the other decorations of the reception place. Napkins should be chosen in the same style as the tablecloths. Floral prints and designs can be used to enrich the linen accessories. At every table the centerpiece is put, it’s the floral composition, which serves for table decorating. Flowers and candles can be used for making a centerpiece. To make a centerpiece a small bowl or basket filled with fruits and flowers can be used. Great idea for centerpiece is to use glass bowls of floating candles and floating rose petals. That’ll give the romanticism to the tables. Aromatic or aesthetic candles will fill the room with a special aroma.

At the white tablecloths you can spread out the petals of bright hued flowers like the roses. That will create the great effect thanks to the contrast.
Cake table decorations can be chosen according to the desire of the bride. Tulle or gossamer is ideal for covering it. Generally the style of cake table decoration is common with other tables. It’s important of not to exaggerate with decorations!



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