Wedding car decorations at the day of wedding is not just the tradition. Bride & Groom car decorated in a special way will let the couple feel special at the drive way!

Wedding Car Decoration

Wedding car decoration
So the wedding car decorations should be chosen properly, the style of the car décor should match the common style of the ceremony.

Wedding car decoration
The details that can be used for wedding car decorations are in quantity. Traditional sign Just Married at the back window of the car can be attached using a vinyl cling.

car decoration for wedding
The text has varieties from simple and the most diffused Just Married or Newly Weds to some really romantic signs like Together Forever! Another way to create the text at the back window is to use special window marker.
Flowers are the things that cannot be absent at the decoration of Just Married getaway car. The floral compositions at the front or back of the car will make the car look elegant. For car décor it’s possible to use silk flowers to be sure they can serve the whole day without spoiling the form. More over it’ll let you to make fewer expenses. The stores offer a huge variety of floral compositions or separate silk flowers of all the forms and colours. Small bouquets can be fastened to the door handles at four sites of the car.
White balloons in combination with bright red balloons will really decorate the car. The red balloons will look better if they are heart-shaped balloons. Double heart shaped bells can be applied as well.
The variants of just married getaway car decorations have no limits; everything depends on your fantasy and desire.



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